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Special pride and care with Alexander Accessories


The Alexander Accessories story began over 30 years ago. There seemed, at that time, to be a shortage of high quality hand made chinrests and tailpieces, particularly in traditionally stained genuine boxwood. Goodness knows what made us think we had any chance of attaining this goal - but we still strive for perfection to this day.


We have continued to use all the traditional techniques - everything is scraped by hand, sanded and polished using natural waxes.


Our design styles


Some prospective customers are disappointed when they learn we do not carry any stock but this is almost an impossibility.


With so many variations in each style, e.g. High Teka Continental, Old English and Giraffe to mention just one design and a similar number of Guarnerius style variations.


This amounts to over 40 different designs of chinrests that could be ordered in any of four different types of wood.

Bearing all these factors in mind, we hope customers will understand that custom made specials are non-returnable

Professional standards



Many of our customers who are professional players tell us they need their chinrest to be as light as possible to minimise fatigue and optimise the sound quality of the instrument. All our designs are influenced by this.


The average weight of the boxwood version of each chinrest is noted above the photograph of each style. This weight includes the standard nickel silver fittings. Those made in ebony are heavier, probably by 10-20%. Rosewood chinrests are approximately the same weight as boxwood chinrests. We also supply the chinrests in varying standard heights, where practical, to meet most customers' physiques and playing styles.


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