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All the box we use is from the French Pyrenees (Buxus Sempervirens). It is fine grained, exceedingly strong and durable. Box is an evergreen shrub and is best felled when the sap is at its lowest, usually just before Christmas. Each year, the logs are purchased soon after felling and transported to Leicestershire. During this period they usually start to split, straight to the heart. If the supplier hasn't sawn them, we cut them straight along the crack. These half logs are stored for at least 3 years to season. The resulting wood is used to make chinrests and tailpieces, and finally stained in the traditional manner.



Although there is a world shortage of fine grained black ebony we do have well seasoned fine grained Madagascan ebony in stock.


We have good stocks of fine grained rosewood. It is not as strong as boxwood or ebony, but can be very beautiful. The density is lower, so it is lighter in weight.


This is the densest of the woods used for accessories. It is very strong, very beautiful and very heavy.

Fittings Materials

Like everything else, the material specification has developed over the years, dictated by experience. The alloy that the barrels are made of has been upgraded to increase its strength and hardness and avoid distortion of the adjusting holes. The stud alloy has been upgraded to provide greater strength and ductility. The fittings are polished, stamped with our AA logo, assembled and then plated.

The standard plating is nickel, covered by a thin coat of silver.  

We can also offer direct deposit silver or gold plated fittings. The silver or gold deposited in this way is more than 99.98% pure and is completely non-allergenic. Although these fittings look beautiful, the plating is not as durable as the standard cheaper "nickel silver" because pure gold and silver are very soft. So as a consequence, the coating eventually wears off.


Titanium fittings are strong and lighter in weight. Titanium has a low density and is a strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant metal. Fittings produced in titanium are non-allergenic which can be a huge bonus to players who have certain skin allergies. An additional benefit is that the overall chinrest weight is reduced by 12 grams. 

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