Hand crafted tailpieces

Alexander Accessories supply hand crafted tailpieces for the violin and viola in the English and French styles. These can be made in boxwood, ebony, rosewood or African blackwood and can be fitted with frets, made in ebony, unstained boxwood or bone (used instead of ivory).


Tailpieces from Alexander Accessories



French style tailpiece














French style tailpiece in boxwood with bone fret.

English style tailpiece














English style tailpiece in stained boxwood with ebony fret.


In order to make a tailpiece to a customer's specific requirements, we need to know whether it is for violin, viola or cello; the style required; the type of wood the tailpiece is to be made from and the material to be used for the fret.

The length of the tailpiece must be defined - either the overall length of the tailpiece or the length measured from the tip over the bottom button to the front of the fret.

There is no standard length of tailpiece. Each tailpiece is made to a specified length which suits the individual instrument to which it is being fitted.

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