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I received the chinrest today and I cannot put my violin down! This chinrest is what I've been searching for, for years! It's the most comfortable chinrest I've ever used! (and I've used everyone that's available) The colour is perfect and it feels amazing to play on! Thank you for your amazing craftsmanship and work!


Emilio Arredondo,
Texas, USA



Thank you for your beautiful chinrests. They are extremely comfortable and musicians love them. They have the great classical look of the Hill fittings and beautiful finish which I like to see on my instruments. 

I also appreciate your cooperation to adapt your chinrest designs to special projects like variable viola outlines. 


Patrick Robin


"I practice 5 hours everyday so it's really important that I feel as comfortable as possible when playing. Getting my chinrest from Alexander Accessories with its new titanium fittings has made a big difference to me. I had developed a nickel allergy over time so the skin on my neck had reacted badly and was broken and quite painful as well as looking really unsightly and I found myself constantly looking for ways of covering it up - not easy when giving a performance in an evening dress. My new chinrest is very comfortable and beautiful quality and the sores on my neck completely cleared up within days after using the titanium fittings. It's made a big difference to my daily practice, thank you so much."


Freya, UK


"I just got home from a very long day of rehearsals and a concert to find your chinrest waiting for me. It is absolutely magnificent! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with it. Thank you thank you thank you.
Warmest Regards"

Tom, US


"I received the chinrest today and it is wonderful. I am so grateful for your beautiful workmanship and care making such a wonderful chinrest.
It is so reassuring to know that this high standard of quality
and skill are still available today."

Ricardo Cyncynates
National Symphony Orchestra
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

"I received the chinrest yesterday, and as promised here are photos of the violin with the chinrest on it. They don't do the instrument full justice, but gives one an idea at least of how beautiful this instrument is.

The chinrest... is nothing short of sensational! Wow, the grain of the wood, the workmanship is gorgeous! It looks spectacular. The titanium feet feel much lighter and great. But, more amazingly, I put the chinrest on the violin, picked up and it just fit perfectly. Literally, it feels like the ideal chinrest for me!!! This must be my Birthday and Christmas miracle! Thank you so much! I don't know what to say! With this violin and this chinrest, well... I finally have it all!"

Christian Vachon, Canada

"The chinrest arrived today, stunning! I really think that it’s my favorite so far. Thank you very much for your great work. It’s just a shame for me to have to hand it over to my customer!"

Nicholas Gooch, Germany


"My fittings arrived today. As for the comments I would like to make, I think that my luthier's reaction when he first examined the Guarneris you made for me some weeks ago is appropriate: WOW!
May I repeat again? WOW! They are absolutely stunning, the quality of the wood, the workmanship, the finish are top level, the lines almost sensual (I continue to talk about your fittings and not about Monica Belucci)."


Socrates Stathoulopoulos, Greece


"For years I have been searching for the perfect chin rest, my search ended with Alexander Accessories. They were quick to answer my many questions, helpful in choosing the right chin rest for me and I never felt pressure to pick one or another. They are true craftsmen and it shows in the beauty of the chinrest including the titanium fittings (hypoallergenic!) and overall fit for my violin. I highly recommend Alexander Accessories!"


Antonia Nelson, NY


"On Thursday I received my chinrest. And I can only say: wow, this is the most beautiful one you have made for me until now - what a fine wood, what a fine work. It is exactly as I wanted it. The most comfortable one (beside his black ebony brother you made me earlier) of all the chinrests I ever have tried. And also the most beautifully sculptured one - despite its function it also has a really aesthetic worth. I have never seen anything like it on the whole market, what surprises me, because this shaping is so fine. And it surprises me too, that you didn’t make one for years - perhaps the customers didn’t know the style, otherwise you should be overloaded with orders! I can’t imagine a better Guarneri - style!"


Falko Mähnert. Germany

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